Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mama Bean wonders if Bean is ready for solids

I just ate an orange in front of Bean. It was like teasing a puppy begging at the table. His eyes were fixated on each wedge as it went from bowl to mouth. That could have been because they were brightly coloured, except his little tongue started pushing in and out. By the third or fourth piece, his legs were kicking with excitement, and his arms were doing their excited, vibrate-y thing. His mouth was making that hungry oooooOOOOOoooooOOOOO face, opening and closing. Then he started thrusting his chin up with duck lips, which usually means he's happy. The last straw, that really made me feel like a cruel cruel lady, was when his mouth started watering. I mean, his mouth sort of waters all the time... but this seemed more Pavlovian.

I did nurse him after I was done, so I'm not the devil. But I think he sensed it wasn't quite the same.

He will be starting on solids in the next month or so, though I'm not in any rush. He drools plenty, but no teeth nubs have appeared, so it's not like breastfeeding will get hyper uncomfortable anytime soon. However, I am not pumping enough milk to make up for what he drinks while I'm at work. Papa Bean will probably have to start supplementing formula for some of his bottles while I'm away. This is good, because right now the 5 or 6 ounces doesn't seem to be filling him up, so with formula we can try giving him 7 or more. He's gaining weight beautifully now, so I'm not worried about that anymore. And just the other day, I tricked him into eating without the nipple shield for at least three or four feedings, which felt like the Victory of all Breastfeeding Victories. In fact, I'd almost prefer he consistently be off the shield before we start confusing the nutritional landscape with cereals and mashy vegetables.

Until then, maybe I'll enjoy my fruit when he's not watching.

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  1. Personally, I think you're so right to pick up on those signals. They used to feed babies porridge when they were barely dry from the womb. Even giving him a thick, cold carrot to suck and teethe on might help him learn about what food is and sate his curiousity. Then again, since we were 100 per cent on formula, I could not get on solids quickly enough. They made life SO MANY BETTER, but you have several benefits to enjoy from breastfeeding, so definitely a different sitcheeashun.