Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mama Bean did not miss PMS. Not even a leetle tiny bit

Bonus TMI post! And for good reason, am I right? That is precisely the kind of status update that should never see the light of facebook. Nobody wants to see that. But I still want to type about it. So. Blog.

I don't get terrible PMS from hell or anything, but it does impact my livewithableness. Everything is annoying. Everyone is out to get me. I'm defensive and edgy, irritable and grumpy. As little as I missed it, I'm sure Papa Bean missed it even less.

And then there's the universe's sense of humor when you throw a Bean into the mix. First, between pregnancy and nursing, it's been over a year since this blessed event occurred, which is just long enough to forget. Making the source of my foul mood a mystery for all of ten minutes, and then we Remembered. Second, being grumpy is totally improved by GSD, Generalized Sleep Deprivation. I still remember the lightbulb moment in the doctor's office when she explained menstruating causes loss of iron, creating a temporary anemia or something, making me Teh Tirrred. More Teh Tirrred than my usual, at that time, being a busy university student. As if I even knew what tired was. Ha!

Note to self: find iron supplement. For the sake of your husband and child, if not your self. Sincerely, Self.

And finally, yes, the Bean. PMS is hard on me, because I feel crappy but I don't know why, and all I want to do is whine about it. It should not be hard on him, because he is only five months old, and he doesn't know PMS from ABC. So, we feed and we diaper and we play and we nap as normally as possible, and it will not suck, because I have typed it out. And I feel. much. better.

Not sure if I should say thanks for reading...lol.

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