Friday, March 26, 2010

Mama Bean posts links on Friday - March 26, 2010

- You can't HANDLE the link! The Pioneer Woman is a SuperBlogger - her site has a regular blog, then cooking, photography, home & garden, and homeschooling wings, plus a collaborative cooking site. She toured a cooking book last year, and just sold the movie rights to her love story. I used to only read the cooking and regular blog parts, but on the RSS I get it all. So I found this homeschooling entry about coping with stress. It's a good example of the goofy charm that has won her thousands of readers (at least.)

- I have terrible name memory. It's rough, when my whole job is seeing people all day, engaging in something very valuable and important to them (their health), and then I can't remember their name (or their job, or how many kids they have) from month to month. I write myself notes on the chart, which helps, but I still feel I should be better at this by now. Anyway, according to the Cambridge Face Memory Test, it's not the face recognition I have a problem with. I was proud of my 96%, but I'm no 99% superstar-named-Jack.

- Jennifer from Conversion Diary has a whole, separate site of all the interesting links she finds. This link is a video of Father Barron explaining Lent. I think I will write more about this on Sunday. It was eye-opening, in that I'm-so-dense kind of way. It's a very straightforward explanation, and I enjoy it's simplicity.

- All the Smart came out on facebook when I posted this video of Fire in a Jar. This is why I'm a scientist, because of cool shit like this. Go see. It doesn't even matter why it happens. But just so you know, Kyle and Jack (of 99% fame above) explain: the bottom flame consumes oxygen inside the jar, creating a noncombustible layer. The vapour in the jar expands upward, and is hot enough to ignite oxygen at the jar's mouth, creating the second upper flame. This is the phenomenon called backdraft.

- Waste some time at You Suck at Craigslist. It's funny.

- Wow, I exercised excessive restraint again. I have many more links to love. I will just unleash them all upon the masses, without heed! *mwahaha* This video demonstrates the new capacities of Photoshop's content-aware function. It's like the program has AI; it is sentient. You just highlight or circle things you don't like, and click content-aware, and it evaluates the other stuff in the picture and fills in the blank. It's fan-fricking-tastic! I do all my photo editing in Picasa, which is free and does all I care about for now. But I'm getting very intrigued by all these actions and layers and content-awares. This could get dangerous!

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