Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mama Bean interrupts her internet fasting because Bean is sick

It started Friday morning, with a dribble from the right nose-ling, and a slightly watery right eye. I mentioned it to sleepy Papa Bean before leaving for work, but there were no issues during the rest of the morning. I only noticed a little more dribble later that afternoon. Is it weird that I remember these minutiae? I doubt it. All moms do this, right?

He's also been spitting up more than usual since Friday. After every feeding, just soaking his bib or clothes or Papa Bean's shirt with drool and partially digested milk. I thought maybe it's from all the extra feedings we're doing. Which, if so, is sort of counterproductive to the whole point of extra feedings. Then a bit on Friday, but mostly today, he started coughing. It seemed like just tickles from the spitting up at first, but today it started to sound more like an immune response kicking out extra mucus and buggies. Poor dear. He was cranky all day.

I just gave him his last feeding, and took his temperature just in case. It's fine. The First Cold is like a rite of passage. I feel bad, like I didn't bundle him enough in the car seat, or didn't wash my hands enough from office germs and shopping germs and life germs. I'm not really a germaphobe by nature, being blessed with a strong immune system, and being lazy, frankly. So it's weird to care about it now, and spend time thinking about where I or Bean might have picked something up.

Oh well, my breasticles will cook up some good antibodies for him, and it will all be okay. I have my provincial Chiropractors' association Annual General Meeting in the morning. I think I forgot my packet at the office, oops. I'm going for the free breakfast. Papa Bean is going to take Bean to church solo, and N is coming early to cuddle Bean while he rehearses with the worship team. She's practicing. Unless Bean is coughing more in the morning, then they'll stay home. And I'll sit in my meeting thinking I should be home, too.

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