Friday, March 12, 2010

Mama Bean posts links on Friday - March 12, 2010

- Starting off with another find! Sounds about right. This is a music video of a very apologetic man goofily winning back his love's good will. It is presented as something real that some guy did, but upon reflection, I think it was probably staged as a fairly low budget music video. But it's still pretty cute. I'd go back to him.

- This Sarah Schmelling spoof of the What to Expect Series, written for a 38-year-old is pretty cute. I found WTEWYE kind of the opposite-of-helpful when I was pregnant. It mostly seemed to say anything is normal when you're pregnant. Hair falling out? It happens! Hair super amazing? Also possible! Hair completely the same? Sure, why not?! It also seemed to say anything is worrisome. Do you feel constipated? Probably normal, but eat more fiber! Do you have diarrhea? Could be normal, but make sure you're drinking enough fluids. No change in regularity? That may seem normal, but it could be an indication of super rare infant monkeybuttfingeritis! In any case, make sure to annoy your doctor with inane questions that this book is supposed to answer so you don't waste their time!!! Hmmm, apparently I had a lot to say about this topic...

- Last week I posted a video of physiological machines. This week, posted a subway map of human body systems. It is really well done. (Click on the picture to make it bigger.)

- One of the best examples of why hockey is Canada's game. During the gold medal game, water use in Edmonton (and presumably other major centres) plummeted during play, and drastically spiked during intermissions between periods. Basically, the whole country took a collective potty break. Awesome. I've been wondering if Americans would have reacted to winning the same way Canadians did, since hockey isn't as big down there. It's not, like, football, or baseball. I know Canadians would not have handled losing as coolly as Americans did, though. We would have been a nation of sack cloth and ashes, wailing and gnashing of teeth. It would have been bad, y'all.

- Mitchell and Webb is, I gather, a British sketch comedy show. In this video, they take on the incessant football (soccer, to the erstwhile colonized masses) coverage in their part of the world. Kind of like hockey or ohmigoodnessrslyneverending curling coverage here in the Prairie Valley. And yes, you love me because I used erstwhile in context.

- Is it ever okay to spank your kids? This article was written by one of my favourite bloggers EVER. On my facebook, two moms like'd it, and two guys who are not (yet) fathers commented. The article is not really even mostly about spanking, more about how we might choose, in the moment, parenting practices we never thought we'd use, or that parenting-pundits tell us are Fundamentally Wrong. She writes, "We all have good guesses and great intentions and well-laid plans, but the truth of the matter is that the work of raising children, by its very nature, defies all those things." There is an invitation, for all parents, to cut each other some slack. She emphasizes that mothers belong to a community, and communities work better when we're nice to each other. Most of the comments at the site are favourable, but some folks do tear into her.

- This is a cute reworking of 1 Corinthians 13, Paul's popular list of What Love Is. It starts off, "Love is patient when you’re dressing for the wedding and discover your husband forgot to pick up your dress from the cleaners."

- A timely post for "preachers and those who listen to them." To summarize: 1) Trust there is a cumulative effect to the preaching. It's impossible for a pastor to deliver the Killer Sermon each and every week. They should not expect it of themselves, and neither should congregants. 2) Define the win; devise a rubrik for evaluating the essential traits of a sermon. He proposes his own (text-based, Christ exalting, gospel centred, audience focused) but I imagine each pastor could come up with his or her own criteria. Since I'm not a pastor, I found this message to listeners most close-to-home: "Don't judge your pastor on whether he is funny or dynamic or captivating. If your pastor is preaching the bible, exalting Christ, keeping the Gospel central and applying it to your context, then you have a great pastor and you should thank God for him. Stop complaining about your pastor's delivery; pray for your receptivity. I hear people criticize their pastor's preaching but never scrutinize their own listening. Maybe the problem is not what you think it is."

-And we end off with yet another link, and yet another subway map, this time of various rock bands on different coloured genre-lines, highlighting key intersections and overlaps. Music snobbery at its best!


  1. If you like Mitchell and Webb, search "Numberwang."

  2. Have you read What to Expect the First Year? I had it recommended to me by two other moms and I found it equally confusing. Never wake your kid up from a nap. However, if your child doesn't sleep well at night, it could be because he or she is sleeping too much. And by the way, they may be sleeping too much during the day to sleep at night, but sleep begets sleep, so they should be getting adequate sleep during they day so they aren't overtired at bedtime. WTH?

  3. Sorry, that third sentence should have read, "However, if your child doesn't sleep well at night, it could be because he or she is sleeping too much during the day."