Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mama Bean never wants to smell milk vomit again. Chances that'll happen? ZERO.

In the early morning, I wake up and feed the Sprout. Breakfast I. Then she goes back to sleep, sometimes in her crib, sometimes with us in bed. We sleep. Later, at a more Godly hour, Bean wakes up, and we pretend we don't hear him. Eventually, I pout, "Don' wanna" enough times that PB gets up just to get away from me. Then I groan out of bed to get ready, then feed Sprout Breakfast II.

It's always ominous when PB comes downstairs without Bean, and says, "You need to go upstairs."

Extra ominous when he then goes into the bathroom to put on rubber gloves.

I was pretty sure I was going up to an open diaper and poop smears. But I knew it was vomit has soon as I hit the wall of smell just inside the door. It was all the gloriousness of typical vomit (sour) plus the True Aromatic Beauty that is Milk Vomit.

God was having a bad day when he created Milk Vomit.

It smells like the unholiest of rancid cheeses mixed with vinegar that has then been left to rot further in a black car with black leather seats on a hot day, with a wet dog in the back.

I might almost have preferred poop (no, not really.)

We don't know when he puked; it was early enough that it still contained bits of incompletely-digested dinner, early enough to get spread into blankets and pj's and hair (ugh), but late enough that it didn't completely dry.

How do you get the smell of vomit out of hair?????

PB shampooed and showered him immediately, we played outside almost all day, and he was bathed and shampooed at bedtime as usual, and his head still reeked!

Anyway, the good news it doesn't seem he was sick with anything. No fever, totally normal mood, no further upchucking. So. Thus concludes another parenting milestone: cleaning up your kid's vomit without vomiting yourself.

But seriously... how do I get his hair to stop smelling...

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  1. Oh yucky! Sounds worse than those diapers where, despite eating mostly fruit and veggies that day, the toddler decides to skip having a bowel movement and waits till the fruit/veggies are truly putrid the next day before surprising you in his diaper. eeek.

    I have no idea how to get the smell out of his hair though. :-(