Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mama Bean is KinderGARDENing (4)

There are actually things in the ground now! Not in our main garden, oh no, it will be at least a week until that is dry enough and weed-free (weed-lessened?) enough for planting anything. But in the backyard, the little veggie plot has two rows of cabbage seeds and two rows of lettuce. Plus sticks marking where the tomatoes and peppers will go. I've decided to grow those in the yard this year so I can 'nurse' them a little more. I find the heat-loving plants need a little more nursing. Last year the tomatoes grew in our front flower bed (last year was a comedy of weather-related errors I only revisit in my gardening nightmares...) and it was nice to keep a more daily watch over them.
Here is Bean holding our row marking tool. Our very first year at the big garden, we were putzing around trying to plan things out and the 80-some year old veteran gardener across the path from us gave us this simple tool (two sticks + string, so useful!) because clearly we looked as inexperienced as we actually were. I think of this tool as something precious, and I enjoy using it a lot. And evidently, Bean does, too.
Lately, there isn't a box Bean sees that he doesn't feel he belongs inside of. This box is half-full of twigs from some shrub or something, it can't be comfortable to sit in, and yet, sit he does. With the trowel and weeder we had been using to mark our rows in the dirt. Because whatever tool we're holding is the tool he wants. Until we give it to him and pick up something else, and, well, you know the drill lol. He's so cute when he's being 'helpful.'

This week, our hostess Kim is encouraging us to stay purposeful and deliberate about including our little ones in the garden process, because it is (at least partly) for their future that we're bothering to do this at all (when buying produce is so very easy and growing produce is so less easy.)
So this gardening season lets be purposeful and deliberate with the small gardeners in our lives. It won't always be easy, expedient, convenient, or remotely clean. But remember that just like spring, the season we get to spend gardening with them when they are little is all too short.
We call this the gardening bucket. It was a wedding gift from my best friend K and her mom - they filled it with garden tools, including our favourite weeder and garden cutter thingy, plus seeds and work gloves. We've added all manner of miscellaneous garden crap. We use it every day. Four years ago, I would never have predicted we'd be the gardeners we are now. And maybe, without this bag, we wouldn't have... :)
An updated pic of my ferns (dance of glee!) There are five plants now, almost double the three I stole uh, yeah, I can't even come up with an alternative explanation for how I got them. I stole them. From an alley. They're practically a weed here. I refuse to feel guilty }:) If they double in number again, I'll have ten plants next year!
Proud Papa Bean, Bean (making his 'picture' face, I don't know what he has against the camera) holding our weeder, and Sprout tucked into the background.

Lest you think she's always stuck in a car seat, here she is soaking up some rays. Yummy fist!

It's raining here all weekend. I'm telling myself this is not an indication of how the rest of summer will go. I am praying (deeply) this is not an indication of how the rest of summer will go. I'm desperately hoping... you get the idea. In a gesture of eternal optimism, we bought tomato plants today. I have set aside room for six: Juliet, Sweet Gold, Ultra Sweet, two plants of Sweet 100s (I'm sensing a theme...), and Tiny Tims. We're also growing Baron sweet red peppers. I was surprised to find 'hothouse' fruits like these grow so well in our province, because it takes heroic efforts to make tomatoes work in Cowtown, where I grew up. Apparently, the trick is that our nights stay warmer *shrug* I'm just happy to grow 'em!
See? Happy Mama!
Come visit the rest of the festivities at Kim's place!
Also, I didn't get last week's post up in time, you can read it here if you'd like...
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  1. ha, you make me laugh. thanks for the giggles. :) i would certainly feel empowered if i had a super-cool gardening bucket like that. we had to go buy a new trowel this spring because we can't find the one we used last year. but if we had a garden bucket to keep it in... ;)

    jealous of your ferns! we "stole" some from hubby's parents several years ago, but they got swallowed up by lily of the valley, never to be seen again. we just went back to the farm and stole some more last weekend, we are hoping we'll have better luck the second time around.

    good luck with your tomatoes! i know we always had trouble growing the big ones when i was growing up in seattle, but we sure had a lot of cherry tomatoes!

  2. Lovely rogue ferns! ;) I love plants with a back story. Your little Bean is definitely a budding gardener. Good luck with the weather cooperating and may your garden grow huge. Michele

  3. I'd say you saved the ferns from an unwanted life in the alley! Great photos!

  4. Your gardening bucket is a fantastic idea of a wedding gift! That's definitely what I'm giving the next time I have the occasion.

    Love your Happy Mama picture at the end. :)

  5. I just received a garden tote bag from my in-laws for my how handy it is!

  6. Bean in a box is pure awesomeness! What is it with kids and a simple box. :) The garden bag is fab... lately I have been using an ice cream bucket or whatever I can find (and then I lose it in the barn and have to find a new one).

    SO jealous of your ferns! They are already so beautiful, just imagine what they'll look like in a few years.