Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mama Bean is KinderGARDENing (3)

I am very late to post my kinderGARDEN update for this week! We've been spending lots of time outdoors - the Bean pretty much demands it! However, it has been rainy over the long weekend, so we didn't really do any planting yet :( Hopefully in the next two weeks our large garden plot will be ready to plant and I'll have some really exciting things to update...
We had 3 yards of 4-way topsoil mix delivered, to make the new bed under our spruce tree, and fill in the veggie bed and flowers beds in our backyard.
Bean did his best to help us out :) It's fun to watch each week as he gets more adept with tools and getting in the way. He's just such a little sponge, watches everything we do, and then wants to do it himself. But he's also becoming more independent, moving off to explore the yard by himself while we putter at the weeding or somesuch. He likes to watch the birds and the leaves and I like to watch the world through his eyes, pretending what I'd feel if I was seeing these things for the first time. It's a good way to learn something new about things that feel old and familiar.
We moved our compost bins from behind the house to the end of the backyard. Although they don't smell terrible, they do attract flies and mice and even a nesting rabbit last year. It will be a pain taking the kitchen bucket all the way to the end of the yard in the middle of winter, but so be it. This is the more or less finished compost PB discovered in the bottom of one bin - it looks awesome! We'll throw that onto the veggie plot in the fall, to replenish the soil :)
Many other kinderGARDENers have plans for various vegetation tunnels and mazes, they will look amazing by the end of the season. Bean is enjoying the willow tunnels at a new Nature Playground near our house. It just opened this past weekend, and we've gone three days in a row. I can't wait for the willows to grow up and around and over the tunnels completely. I wonder if they will tie the branches to the frames to keep them in the tunnel shape?
While walking home from the playground we found four eggs under a large tree. No obvious nest could be seen, just a number of woodpecker nest holes, but these eggs seem a little large for woodpeckers (?) Not that I'm some bird expert. Three of the eggs were hatched (or eaten?) but one of the eggs was whole. As far as wild bird eggs go, I've only ever seen robin's eggs and little speckled sparrow eggs, so it was neat to see some so large. I know this isn't a strictly gardening type thing to share here, but it's a nature type thing, and that's part of kinderGARDENing, right - to help them appreciate all parts of the natural world and our (small, but destructive) part in that world. So that through appreciation, we can strive to have less destructive impact. Not that Bean really cared, he can't even say 'egg' yet lol. But I thought it was cool!
And here's a gratuitous picture of Sprout being cute, all snuggled down while the rest of us are busy working :) Don't forget to check out the other kinderGARDENs at Kim's place!


  1. You soil looks amazing! I'm in the process of building and moving my compost pile too, we've outgrown our spot. I've never heard of a rabbit nesting in a pile before...very cool!

    I think all your posts should require a photo of the Sprout...seriously it is now mandatory! She is just darling!

    Make sure to link this post up tomorrow, and add as many as you want, there is no limit each week, I would rather have two than have everyone miss one of your updates.

    Have a wonderful day in the garden, Kim

  2. Oh...and that tunnel is too cool! Kim

  3. Tell us more about this nature playground! it sounds very cool. and kind of ironic, in a here's some sanctioned nature to play in kind of way :) And do you think they could be grouse-type eggs? We found some under our dogwood a couple of years ago (or so mom reminds me, b/c that's still a blur for me).
    you guys are so motivated. inspiring :)

  4. Beautiful compost! Isn't it amazing how a little decomposition can make you feel so accomplished? I loved harvesting my compost from my pile this spring.

    Sprout is beautiful. And helpful in her own way by snuggling down while you work. :)

  5. love that compost! we have never been able to successfully make compost. yours is amazing!

    and i agree - that willow tunnel is super-amazing-wish-i-were-small-so-i-could-go-through-it cool!