Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mama Bean is blogging about boobs, so it must be TMI Tuesday

I conceived of this blog during the delerious first days of mamahood. I've kept a blog in one form or another for many years, so I knew I'd be using one to document the monumentalness of Bean's addition to our world. I am also pretty much addicted to facebook. It is often my primary means of staying in touch with family and friends. God bless the status update for helping us all keep track of the minutiae in each others' lives.

However, during those early weeks of mamahood, I noticed a distinct shift in what things I might update my status with. It seemed I was suddenly obsessed with my boobs. And poop. And pee. And I knew, even through the haze of sleep-deprivation and crashing hormone levels, that the majority of my friends didn't want to check their facebook, and be greeted with "Mama Bean's milk came in! Go, nipples, go!!" Because my friends, being normal people who don't have nursing babies and stitched-up vaginas, don't want to think about my nipples or my vagina during their morning coffee.

But I needed an outlet for this abundance (oh, the abundance of fluids alone...) of unsavory information. Hence, the idea for a blog where I could share my TMI (Too Much Information) without inflicting it on my facebook community. If someone doesn't want to think about my boobs or Bean's poop as much as I do (and I do think about it. A lot.) then they can just avoid my blog. But only on Tuesdays (because TMI Tuesday is catchy LOL), leaving all the other days of the week for innocuous posts about how cute it is when Bean, y'know, burps or blinks or... whatever, breathes. He really is just the cutest thing ever.

Anyway, today has actually been pretty uneventful on the boob front, so this post isn't actually very TMI, or even plain old MI. But stay tuned for next Tuesday! Who knows what diabolical fluid-related treats Bean will have prepared by then?

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