Friday, February 5, 2010

Mama Bean posts links on Friday - February 5, 2010

- Seth Godin is great at devising intriguing and true-to-life categorizations of human behaviour. In Hunters and Farmers he describes the different thought patterns between Hunter-types and Farmer-types. He describes hunting as "long periods of distracted noticing interrupted by brief moments of frenzied panic." I lol'ed.

This may be just another way of looking at the type A/type B personality divide, but I think he offers good insight into what this means for each type in terms of teaching them, working with them, and marketing to them. For e.g. "Farmers don't dislike technology. They dislike failure. Technology that works is a boon." Being a risk-averse farmer-type, this captures why I didn't jump on cell phone technology; it didn't work for me, and now it's too complex for me to be anything but a failure at using it. When the design the simplest, most efficient and perfect mobile-whatever, I will be all over it. And please don't tell me that it's the iPad.

- Rethink College is a short video project from Langara College that encourages creatively pursuing your interests and passions and dreams outside the college box. At the time, I didn't think rethinking college was an option for me. But then, I didn't have this beautiful video to inspire me.

- Finally, I have discovered the treasure that is Her Bad Mother, and this is The Manifesto that hooked me. Well, that and her wit and charm. Plus she's Canadian. And our sons share a name. Her writing gets me all warm and fuzzy inside, with endless refrains of Thank-God-I'm-not-the-only-one ringing in my mind.

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