Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mama Bean feels like doing a plain old web-log type post

The Prairie Valley City (along with the rest of the continent, except The Brackets) is experiencing a Heat Dome of Epic Proportions. It's... sticky. Last night, despite the non-materialization of the forecasted/promised/much-needed thunder and rain, the wind picked up and blew some of the sticky away, making this morning dry and breezy and gloriously less than 30 degrees out (Celsius). We trotted the kids out to Bean's playground with glee, and played with glee, and snacked with glee, and wore Sprout in the sling while she napped with glee, and walked home in slightly-cranky-hungry glee. Bean has justnowstarted walking up small or medium sized stairs (like those at children's playgrounds) standing up, without holding on to anything! He's such a big boy! On the other hand, children's playgrounds are a good place to remember how small he really is. Next to the school-aged creatures, his pre-verbal baby-beastlet nature really comes out. He's such a wee boy!

After lunch, we put the kidlets to nap, and I got ready for work. Work was slooooooooooow. I saw about half the normal number of patients I would see on a Thursday. It wasn't so bad though, because I got to come home early. Thursday nights are tough for me, and Bean, because I say bye-bye before his nap, come home after his bedtime, leave before we wakes up, and get home after he goes to Friday's nap, so often don't see him from lunchtime Thursday until Friday afternoon. It makes me sad. It makes him angry at me, and sometimes he won't warm back up until Saturday :( So it was a treat to come home and have him still awake. He was being extra super cute, too! His PoPo (my mom) got him an early birthday present - a Little People construction site thingy that makes noise and has rocks and is all around awesome. He's into the whole watch-once-and-copy mode, so Papa Bean showed him the various ways the rock is loaded and unloaded, and then Bean just patters around with it for ages. Srsly cute.

I biked out to the garden (again!) because it was so cool and breezy and not sticky. I pulled an armful of weeds, that made no difference at all to the overall look of the garden, and left my arms full of thistle-pricks. Then I picked a grocery bag full of radishes. It was about two feet of them. I planted about 80 feet total. We're, uh, swimming in radishes. I twisted my ankle in a large crack in the ground - that's how hot and dry (despite the humidity) it has been here, the ground is cracking. Riding home was the lesser of two evils - walking my bike home would have taken three or four times as long. A shower and ice pack is the perfect end to this evening.

I have time to do this (a daily log post) almost every night, and yet I almost never do it. I won't promise to do it more often, because that's an almost sure way to ensure it won't happen, but I will say this post was easy to write and a joy to post. I hope everyone is enjoying an equally normal and pleasant summer day!

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  1. Cracking ground...we are finding an equally interesting gardening year. It has been cool and damp for the most part, but the dirt seems parched. Not something I'm understanding. I mean we don't have humidity like the rest of the world, but usually when it rains you don't still have to water.

    Use your radish greens...I made a great radish green parmesan pasta the other day. Blanch and freeze it in cubes to use later in the winter. I bet it would be a great pizza topping.

    Sure wish I lived near you...I'd have been a patient twice today. Due to issues I should see the chiro every two weeks, but insurance only covers ten visits a year. I got discouraged and quit going. It's been about 1.5 years now. I'm saving my visits for when I throw my neck out or pop a hip, but if I had my choice I'd get adjusted twice a week at least! You chiros have the hands of angels. :)