Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mama Bean is happy to have a little house

We live in a mid-century mid-sized 1 1/2 story house. It's very cute and has, generally speaking, plenty of space for all our stuff, and our wee humans. The layout is very 1950s - kinda chopped up, each room separate, not the open plan of more modern homes.

There was a period when Bean had just started crawling when we were convinced we needed to move to a bigger house with Sprout coming along. Bean was getting into everything; we couldn't be one room away from him to do anything, because who knew where he was crawling to or what he was pulling himself up onto or when his fingers would eventually get into the wrong stuff. And that was the same time the Toys distinctly mounted their offensive Takeover of our living space - it felt so sudden! We were unprepared! Now? Now we are... resigned. I wish all parents were resigned to the Toy Takeover, but I know enough moms with pristine homes to know I'm just... I just want... I have... focused on other priorities? Yeah, that sounds noble. Better than lazy, right? :P

But a bigger house was not to be, as yet. In a few years. Sprout arrived, in the same living room Bean arrived in, and lo and behold, our mid-century mid-sized 1 1/2 story house has more than enough room for both wee bodies. I'm not sure how much room we thought a newborn was gonna take - turns out she's quite small :) I'm sure resignation towards the toys and Bean's increasing independence help.

Anyway, we really quite love this little house. We've made a lot of memories here. We've built a home.

Here's what I've learned to love lately - I can hear all of Bean's little pitter-pattering activities, and monitor them accordingly. When he's in the basement having a bedtime bottle with Papa Bean, and I'm feeding Sprout in her (mainfloor) nursery, I can hear him finish, and hear PB ask him to take his empty bottle to the kitchen sink. I can hear him climb the basement stairs, pausing on the landing to look out into the garage through the screen door. I can hear him trot through the kitchen, past the sink, across the hallway, and stop at the entrance to the living room (play room). I can hear him pause and consider, where's-mom-look-at-my-toys-was-there-something-I-was-supposed-to-do-hmmm... And I can gently remind him from down the hall, Bean please put your bottle in the sink. And then I hear him do it.

And thank him.

And hear him smile, because he's always pretty proud when he knows he's done the right thing.

It's a good little house we've got here <3


  1. that made me cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sounds wonderful! enjoy each moment!