Friday, August 3, 2012

Mama Bean has straight hair, if you're wondering

You know that old adage, women with straight hair want curly, and those with curly wish it were straight? It's true, right, on both sides of that fence, we spend ridiculous amounts of money to get the hair we don't have. It's funny.

Or, you know the other one, smart women wish they were beautiful, and beautiful women wish they were smarter? I think that was on Ally McBeal once. It's a truism, too, in its own way. Many people have written many doctoral theses that treat the topic with more finesse that I can in a little blog post. I'm just running off the ones I can think of off the top of my head. 

The other day, after talking with my best friend (on a glorious one-night respite in the southeastern corner of my fair province, roughly halfway between our two homes), I thought of another one. Crafty moms wish they read more, and reading moms wish they crafted more.

Or, you know, fill in the blanks with whatever significant or insignificant mommy-war dichotomy you wish. Moms who commit their time and effort to A wish they had leftover time and effort to also do B, and vice versa, because lord knows we all have to bend over backwards to Do All and Be All in our effort to martyr ourselves on motherhood's doorstep for the sake of our children.

We live in a grass-is-always-greener kind of world.

I was thinking about this in relation to my work-life balance (oh that elusive beast...) I stay-home and work-out-of-home, both. Only it doesn't count, either way. Because I don't stay home all the time, so I'm not a real SAHM, and I have no authority or right to make commentary as though I have any clue what being a SAHM is really like. Obviously. But I'm also not out of the home all the time, I get to be home sometimes, so I don't really know what being a WOHM is like. I can't talk about any challenges I feel from SAHMing because I'm only doing it halftime. I can't talk about any mommy-guilt or professional-consequences I face from WOHMing because I'm only doing it halftime. This is the I-get-both-sides-of-the-grass scenario. It is not green.

Anyway, I don't know why I felt the need to write that down. My hair is straight, and I do wish it were curlier. I am smart, and I feel beautiful 4 or 5 days out of 10. I craft (less than I'd like) and I never have time to read (do blogs count? lol) And I'm a SAHWOHsomesuch /sigh. Mommy wars are pointless.

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  1. Mommy wars are pointless.

    Most true statement I've heard in a long time.