Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mama Bean shares her deep thoughts about driving with you

"Every time I get behind the wheel I give away a part of my life in order to get where I need to be to live. I act as if I’m not living now, but if I could just arrive at my destination, I could finally exist. I give away all the potential of travel’s fleeting yet fulfilling moments in order to have some static, stolid existence at my journey’s end."

I have a future-dated post (like 2046 future-dated) where I blurb out ideas I have for blogging some magical day when I have all the time in the world. The above is one such blurb. I have no idea what prompted this thought, or how I thought I'd tease out a whole post about it. 

To be honest, I'm not sure I totally agree with myself anymore. I seemed to be saying that time in travel was being wasted, or un-valued. Maybe I was going to write a whole post about how I should somehow make travel time productive, use it for something (deep thinking, prayer, Kegel's.) (Well, I do use it for Kegel's, so there's that.) (Did that qualify this post as  TMI Tuesday? And it's Saturday? For shame!) (Ooh it's been so long since a good old-fashioned Bracket Train - complete with unnecessary capitalizations! It's a good day!)

Today, I would say travel is time I treat out-of-time. I suspend many normal thought processes, primarily via radio or music, and exist in car-time. I like car-time. Even with kidlets in the car, I feel like my world is only as big as the road, and nothing beyond those boundaries can impose on me unless I allow it to. I feel very powerful in my car. 

Anyway, I no longer begrudge the part of my life I'm "giving away" while driving. I have found a way to live now while I'm behind the wheel. Thank goodness, eh?

(btw Re: the post title, I have plenty of deep thoughts about driving. They mostly surround using turn signals, merge lanes, and left-turn lanes properly. Another day...)

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