Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mama Bean is absent again

Parents are visiting.
For nine days.
Do not think regular posting will be possible.


Will crank out a Friday Link Love For SURESIES.
(Because I deffo have made time for webs and links and love.)

Except I had a browser full of tabs waiting for me to Deal With Later. And I accidentally closed it without saving the tabs. And now all those shatteringly inspirational or funny or whatever things that I didn't have time to read or manage or save or link or whatever are GONE! LOST! (or whatever. These are the words of the day!)

This is the problem with So Much Internet. When you're just stumbling around, it's very easy to lose track of these little shiny needles of Awesome in the big pile of World Wide Mostly Porn.

Anyway...one day I'll write about my discomfort regarding writing blog posts directly to people, as opposed to abstractly writing about things that people may or may not be reading. It feels very presumptuous and ego-filled to do so, as if anyone was getting really unhinged about how I haven't posted much lately.

And yet, here we are. Me writing pointlessly on and on about how I'm not writing, and you feeling comforted and calmed that I have checked in, laid out the 411, and offered assurance that I will return to my Normal Posting Schedule. Yeah, right.

Until Friday! (Hopefully sooner...)

Remind me to tell you about that time I went to play with the baby goats, mmm-kay?


  1. nine days!
    hope you get some date time in.

  2. Word verification: "palful."

  3. lol... but we do wonder where you are. = )